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Shop for USB Cables for Smart Phones and other Android Devices Click here or visit or Cell Phone Accessories page for deals on these devices and more.


Tired of barely working or overpriced Cable?

Why not switch to a Android Tv Box and leave those big bills behind.

USB Cable Tip

Did you know there are different types of usb cables?

It is best to get to know your android device before buying, as the wrong USB cable will not work with your device.

USB cable types range from Apple Lightning cable, Type-A Type-B, Micro-B and Type-C (USB-C).

Caring tips

In order to increase the life and get more time out of your USB Cable avoid bending the cables as this may result is shorts within the cable, instead roll up the cable for storage or leave it laying flat.

Nest Cam Indoor security camera, works with Amazon Alexa

Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0